Scotch: ConnectED

Welcome to our Virtual Campus

ConnectED is our virtual campus. It is an area where Scotch students and staff come together to fulfil this great Scotch educational mission. Our teaching and support staff have experience born out of a 25 year journey of innovation and use of the most apt technologies. We are ready to go.

Wellbeing is at the very heart of what we do. We know that regardless of where and how learning takes place we need to deliver quality and value to a high level.

We believe our students, whether online or on campus, whether in term or out of term, whether indeed at Scotch or heading into university and adulthood, need to be Scotch FIT: academically FIT, physically FIT, psychologically FIT, socially FIT.

An exceptional educational experience informed by the core goals of Scotch FIT creates belonging, celebrates identity and provides purpose to our students and our staff. The leaders of tomorrow deserve the best education today.

We know that students require a sophisticated and engaging learning environment to achieve numerous educational outcomes.

Our Framework

We are preparing students for the world of tomorrow, that is now with us today.

We know the key to success for the Scotch community is the ability of our staff to know the whole child.

Our ConnectED experience creates the gold standard in opportunities for our staff to work with students in an all-encompassing manner.

We are certain that our community will find in these programs the sources of an inspirational learning life that is a Scotch education.

Every learning activity in class and outside links to our 6 pillars of wellbeing.


Goal setting, Personal wellbeing plan, Mentoring & Family challenges.


Diverse online offering, Maintaining routine, Attendance accountability, Ongoing assessment & Continuous feedback.


Personalised learning programs, Differentiation, Challenge and Enrichment offerings & Designated online learning support.


Heads of House, Mentors and Homegroup teachers, Student Support team, Director of Student Wellbeing & Heads of School.


House, Cocurricular program, Family challenges, eNews & Scotch Socials.


Online Classrooms & Microsoft Teams, Office 365, SeeSaw, IT Helpdesk, Library Online & eSafety advice.

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The leaders of tomorrow deserve the best education today.