-- The World of Business --


The Entrepreneurship program seeks to further the building 21st Century employability skills in a non-classroom environment and is also a great way to develop student’s financial literacy.

In Term 2 we have two fantastic opportunities for our students to get around the world of business.

ASX Sharemarket Game

This is an activity where students start with $50,000 and they have the opportunity to learn about the world of investment in shares on the Australian Stock Exchange. Students have a seminar on the key principles of asset classes, diversification and identifying growth industries.

The game is also a great networking opportunity, as many students connect with community members in the finance industry to mentor them.

This program is run each term at Scotch. In Term 1 some students have lost almost $3,000 (should not have invested in Afterpay), while others have made $1,500 (Fisher and Paykel was a good call). Playing the Term 2 competition is a great way to try and make sense of what is going on in our world and will no doubt have our young investors on trend for the future.

Online Financial Literacy

Knowing how to prepare financially for the future is essential. Good habits that are built at a young age such as saving, and budgeting will continue to pay off into adulthood and the point of this course is to get students thinking about their future financial goals at a young age.

Learning units will be conducted via Microsoft Teams and will include a number of videos, interviews, conversations and lectures. There will also be a series of checkpoints that students need to complete along the way in line with the recommendations of the Barefoot Investor and Scott Pape’s 10 things kids need to be able to do before they leave home.

This program will equip students for the world beyond school and will be a lot of fun along the way.