Performing Arts

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Performing Arts

Introducing the Performing Arts Hub

The Scotch Performing Arts Hub is an online resource for students that are keen to engage more with their interests in Dance, Drama and Music.

Through online channels and offline activities, we will continue to facilitate and support students to develop their practical skills within their chosen areas.

The added value of the Hub is our ability to inspire creativity across all genres for all students through ‘Passion Projects’ that students can work towards throughout the term at their leisure.

While students may not be able to practice with their peers or participate in performances, we will offer opportunities for students to continue to develop their practical skills, grow personal knowledge and engagement with the Arts and continue to experience what it is to be part of the broader Arts community.

The Hub

The Hub is a vibrant space containing regularly updated activities, resources, and community links appropriate for our Mitcham and Torrens Park students.

Learning activities will include challenges that focus upon broadening and refining student performing skills, promote creativity, support community participation, and provide connection and learning feedback.

The student resources deliver wide-ranging opportunities across all performing arts areas and are designed to nurture passion and capture imagination.

These resources are presented in a variety of formats, including specific exemplar recordings, sequentially guided learning series and an assortment of outcome possibilities.

The Hub is a great place for Scotch students to explore and engage their Performing Arts interests within a space that promotes healthy mental and physical wellbeing during our off-campus learning.

Dance & Music Ensembles

Co-Curricular Dance

During Term 2 Co-curricular Dance will not follow the usual timetable structure. Instead, via the Arts Hub, students will be given access to pre-recorded classes from their dance teachers to continue to develop their skills from Term 1.

All dance students will be able to access a live dance class on Monday afternoons via Zoom. These express 45-minute classes are designed to bring together students from multiple year levels to continue to develop fundamental Dance skills.

At the beginning of the term students will be able to opt-in to a collaborative performance project called ‘InspirED Dance Collective’. These projects will run as live sessions via Zoom with a dance teacher on Wednesday afternoons. The projects are designed to foster creativity and collaboration whilst continuing to develop both technique and performance skills.

Instrumental Music

Every Tuesday afternoon, students from Year 5 to 12 will sign into their ensembles through Microsoft Teams and access the resources and strategies they need to continue their learning from home. Whilst the learning will occur in a very different way, the learning outcomes are the same; to piece individual parts together to create an ensemble performance.

For each group, this may well be a collaboration of individual recorded submissions that come together for a virtual performance.

Students will access resources through the Hub, they will also be intentionally directed towards opportunities for deeper learning. This could include score analysis, composition activities and solo performance adjudication.

Vocal Music

For our existing auditioned vocal ensembles, learning tracks for current repertoire will be made accessible through Teams. Members of the senior auditioned vocal ensembles will be able continue to develop their repertoire individually with the focus on eventual performance.

The Hub will provide a space for students to engage authentically with relevant and uplifting repertoire, create and perform in community, and continue to develop their vocal technical skills.

A combined vocal ensemble will also be formed, open to any Scotch student from year 5 to 12. The ‘Cosy choir’ will focus on achievable, engaging and uplifting repertoire, for which learning tracks will be created.