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-- Maintaining Physical Activity --

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Maintaining Physical Activity

Learning remotely does not mean the Scotch Sport program ends!

Student wellbeing is a primary motive for the operation of the Sports program.

The Australian Government recommends 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity per day for students. The Scotch Sports Department will continue to offer a structured program for our students to be physically active.

Each sport will have a rigorous training regime that is specific to the specific code, with high quality coaches and mentoring opportunities.

Through online channels and offline activities, we will continue to create the sense of belonging which develops from the team and community aspect of our sports offering.

Our teams will maintain the training schedule for their winter sport. The main difference being that instead of coaches we will have the Head of Sport and Squad mentors working with our students.

All students Years 7-10 will have a compulsory winter sports program. Years 11 and 12 will have the option to be involved in the sport of their choice. We know routine and activity is invaluable for students and we need to be able to switch our program back on at short notice.

While students may not be able to train with their peers or compete in games, we will offer in our training program opportunities for students to:


Continue to improve their strength and conditioning.


Develop sport specific skills guided by expert coaches and mentors.


Grow personal knowledge and engagement with their sport.


Continue to experience what it is to be part of a team.

Winter Sports Training

Training sessions will take place at the allocated time detailed on the Winter Sport Practice Timetable. To motivate students to train challenges between teams and sports will be used to show how students are progressing.

A typical session will follow the following format;


Beginning of session will commence with a group meeting using Microsoft Teams. During this time coaches explain the session which is detailed on the ‘TeamBuildr’ App along with going over leadership.


After the briefing, students will be able to complete the session detailed on ‘Team buildr’ which includes video explanation of exercises, records results of challenges and attendance/completion of training sessions.


At the completion of the session students and coaches can debrief using Microsoft teams along with setting any work for a following session.

ConnectED for Families

Some Helpful Tips & Resources for Learning At Home.

The Scotch Challenge

We know how hard it will be for many parents not to get up on a cold winter Saturday morning and champion their kids form the sidelines. So, we have created The Scotch Challenge.

The Scotch challenge engages students, parents and the community to be physically active by walking or running either a 3km or 5km course. A scaled program in tiers to cater for all ability levels from, aiming to improve their health by walking, through to aiming to have the largest improvement or the fastest time. On weekends the Scotch community can submit their timed walks/runs for a ranking and be rewarded for improvement and consistent application, this progression provides motivation for continued improvement.

No one misses out and we get to celebrate the strength of our community through a shared fun endeavour! Your sport’s Parent Support Group will be in contact to outline how to get around this exciting initiative.


Communication to parents regarding the sporting program will occur via the weekly sports newsletter. Parent Support Groups will also be planning activities to engage and keep us all connected to our child’s sports program. We encourage all Torrens Park Campus parents to engage with the “Team Buildr” App.

Students, Heads of Sport and Sports Mentors will use Teams, Zoom and the “Team Buildr” App as their platforms.

We encourage everyone to get around this opportunity and be part of the ConnectED Sports program!