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Early Learning

Supporting Our Families

The Scotch Early Learning Centre works closely with families to ensure that our children receive an education that develops the skills that they will need to transition seamlessly to school and instils a strong sense of wellbeing and a love of learning.

We also support our families, as they experience the many challenging and wonderful milestones that occur during this very important journey through the preschool years.

During this current time of great challenge due to the Coronavirus, the ELC is staying true to what it always does and continues to provide an outstanding education for all of our children; those who continue to attend the centre and also for those who choose to engage with us remotely.

Importantly, we still continue to maintain relationships and links with all of our families, during this time when they need us more than ever.

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Information for families with Children Attending ELC.

Information for families Learning Remotely.

Children Attending ELC

Daily Structures for Our Combined Classes

Managing Class Sizes

For those children who continue to attend our centre on site, all classes are now combined together which provides a unique opportunity for cross age learning and mentoring.

All children are taught by the whole teaching staff providing them with a rich and diverse learning experience.


Teachers and educators have opportunities to collaborate and design curriculum together which also provides them with rich professional learning opportunities. Staff to student ratios are smaller than usual, enabling wonderful opportunities for staff to work individually, or with small groups of students for longer periods than usual.

Children Learning Remotely

Daily Activities and Interaction

For those children who are learning at home, two group times each day are videoed and uploaded onto Seesaw, allowing the children at home to experience the same intentional teaching and learning that their peers at the centre experience, and give them a sense of routine and familiarity which is so very important in this time of incredible change.

Staying Connected

Familiarity allows children to feel that they have a sense of control in their lives and reassures them that all is well with the world. They miss the social connections that they have at the centre and through the videos they maintain those connections.

Every day the second group time begins with a teacher explicitly giving context for what is to follow, so that the child learning remotely understands what is about to take place. A list of suggested resources for the home is provided to families.

The children at the ELC also participate daily in a range of wellbeing activities, some of which involve links from trusted internet sites, and these are also uploaded onto Seesaw for the children and others to participate in at home.

At least twice a week either the Director, or one of the ELC Teachers contacts each of our families who are learning at home to check on the wellbeing of not only the child, but also the family members who are caring for them at home.

Being at home with young children may be challenging and our experienced staff offer suggestions to assist families through this period, along with just being really good listeners.

A Resilient Community

Our children and their families, together with our amazing staff form a strong and resilient community.

Through the amazing advancements in technology this community can continue to flourish remotely.