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Remote Learning on Torrens Park Campus

Our ConnectEd learning framework is driven by our goal to develop graduates who are ethical, critically considerate, internationally minded and live these behaviours in service of others.

To achieve this goal our students and teachers understand that learning online requires us to use different approaches, reimagine learning and harness the power of collaboration.   We have worked together providing feedback, researching and testing ideas and questioning how we can make the Scotch difference online.

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The Scotch: ConnectED teaching and learning framework on Torrens Park Campus

Scotch: ConnectED Parent information for parents of Torrens Park Campus students

Learning Principles

The principles of our remote Learning program are:

Student wellbeing, by maintaining a sense of belonging to the school and connection with teachers and peers.


Online learning routines that enable students to acquire and practice skills and understandings.


Students’ confidence, understanding of expectations and sense of responsibility in using the college’s digital learning tools.


Students use an ethical framework to shape their thinking and understanding about learning content.


Engagement with relevant and related learning experiences that will support their progress.


Opportunities for students to respond to feedback about learning.


Our students have agency in creating their learning which meets their individual learning needs.

Micro Credentialing

We are developing micro credentials for our students with Melbourne University using the General Capabilities of the Australian Curriculum.

Some examples of what these look like in action include:

  • The creation of virtual museums in history, recording podcasts for English,
  • designing dragsters and making 3D prototypes in design and tech,
  • working with the animals on our farm using technology to understand their behaviours,
  • witnessing leadership by our students in numerous online school communities,
  • promoting structured physical activity daily away from the screen,
  • combining to create music with our couch choirs,
  • online instrumental tuition leading to an ensemble performance,
  • blogging experiences to reflect and learn in our Year 7 classrooms,
  • creating portfolios for evidence of learning for 9@Scotch,
  • live streaming demonstrations through Food and Hospitality,
  • creating virtual Science practicals using the lab of home, and
  • the display of artwork and multimedia  in our interactive virtual gallery.


The Torrens Park Campus timetable for Weeks 1 & 2 of Term 1 2022 is available to download here in PDF format.

This document includes the homework timetable.

How We Assess

Assessment online is not just about using traditional approaches and replicating them online.

Less Is More

In this environment less is more. It’s not about the outcome it’s the process and therefore greater attention to formative assessment is our focus.

We are committed to dealing with disruption and making the most of the opportunities that being online creates for our learners.

Assessment Tools

The Australian Curriculum provides great flexibility to measure and understand the learning of students.  Importantly our use of rubrics in SEQTA demonstrates how learning is occurring.

Our assessment tools include open book assessments, videos, multi-media presentations, collaborative tasks, interviews, oral recordings, critiquing performance are all examples of items that are being used for students to demonstrate their learning. Examinations will occur with more online opportunities using tools in Office 365.

SACE Stage 1 & 2

The SACE Board continue to work with teachers across the state to develop approaches and support our students studying subjects at Stage 1 and Stage 2.

We are conscious of ensuring our Year 12 students and those students in Year 11 doing a Stage 2 subject are given every opportunity to learn and to reach their potential even as the goal posts change.

Homework, Support & Enrichment


Middle School:  Monday to Thursday in the areas of Mathematics, English, Humanities and Science. Elective subjects will offer assessment tasks that are designed to be completed over a longer period of time.

Senior School will be driven by subject requirements.

Learning Support

The Cross Curriculum Support (CCS) program is available to access learning support for students who require it.

For some students, additional, highly targeted support will be provided. This could take the form of a modification made to the student’s remote learning timetable, regular (daily or weekly) meetings with an allocated staff member, or through the provision of ancillary services supplied by allied health professionals (e.g., Occupational Therapy).

Challenge & Enrichment

Differentiated assessment will be available for students requiring Challenge and Enrichment across the curriculum.

Students who have a documented Challenge and Enrichment Plan will regularly communicate with their Homegroup Teacher or Challenge and Enrichment Mentor to ensure that assessment activities offer an appropriate level of challenge.

Challenge & Enrichment will be offered differently dependent on each faculty.

ConnectED Parents

Our partnership is vital if your child is to thrive in our online learning environments.

Supporting Remote Learning

The technology that supports teaching and learning also provides a valuable tool for keeping children connected with each other, and keeping you connected with their learning, their teachers and the wider Scotch community.  

Our teachers will remain responsible for the teaching and learning and your role is to assist us by creating an ideal learning environment at home.

Your level of involvement will depend on the year level of your child and the level of independence and autonomy they have as a learner.

The information below explain how parents can provide support for both the education of students and the connection of families with the College.

The following general actions will help us to help all Scotch learners;

✓ Create a designated space for learning.
✓ Limit distractions.
✓ Allow time for social interactions online.
✓ Keep in touch with other parents – swapping great ideas.
✓ Avoid creating a holiday atmosphere during learning time.
✓ A schedule is important but remember to include breaks from learning and screens.
✓ Learners need think time and to be able to make mistakes – as hard as it let them stumble as they learn to walk.

ConnectED Parents on Torrens Park Campus

Being Involved

Never before has teaching and learning been so visible to parents! We ask for parent support of the following expectations and behaviours around the online learning environment.

  • Advise teachers if you enter a room and a live class meeting is in progress.
  • Consider any observation you make in the broader context of that class, and the wider learning program.
  • Support student attendance at all timetabled lessons & advise the College of student absence.
  • Support ‘Scotch on Top’ – students to adhere to hair and jewellery expectations and present to lessons in a Scotch PE, House or Formal top.

Seeking Support

We understand personal circumstances are different for each family, and circumstances might change.

Please reach out to us if there are ways that you identify that we could be supporting you, or your child.

It is in partnership with you that we will preserve the strength of community, that is so uniquely Scotch.

Preparing for Remote Learning

Maintaining a Daily Structure & Routine

  • Ensure students maintain usual school day bedtimes and wake up times, so they are well rested and ready for the day.
  • Keep conversation during recess and lunch breaks social and fun – this is necessary  ‘down time’ during the day.
  • Pack recess and lunch – this helps maintain routine and also helps you maintain the contents of your fridge!
  • Schedule a part of each day where students are away from screens.

Create an Engaging Learning Environment

  • Invest in a pair of good quality, comfortable headphones with a microphone option.
  • Set up a semi-permanent learning station that students can keep prepared throughout the week.
  • Ensure the learning station is ergonomic – a comfortable chair, a desk or table and good lighting are essential.
  • Ensure your data plan and router can sustain the number of devices that might be required to run simultaneously throughout a day – especially if parents are also working from home.

Keeping Safe Online

The Office of eSafety has released an Online Safety Kit for parents and carers that can help families manage a rapidly increasing use of technology. Whilst parental controls can be helpful, it is recognised that helping young people build good online safety habits is just as important. The safety kit is a helpful resource for developing healthy online habits for the whole family.

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